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June 1, 2009

Should 0 equal 0.0?

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Should the integer 0 be equal to the decimal 0.0?

C# says maybe:

int a = (int)0;
decimal b = (decimal)0.0;
Console.WriteLine(a == b); //true
Console.WriteLine(b == a); //true

object boxA = (int)0;
object boxB = (decimal)0.0;
Console.WriteLine(boxA == boxB); //false
Console.WriteLine(boxB == boxA); //false

By contrast, Visual Basic says yes.

Dim a As Integer = CInt(0)
Dim b As Decimal = CDec(0.0)
Console.WriteLine(a = b) 'true
Console.WriteLine(b = a) 'true

Dim boxA As Object = CInt(0)
Dim boxB As Object = CDec(0.0)
Console.WriteLine(boxA = boxB) 'true
Console.WriteLine(boxB = boxA) 'true


The VB code looks like this in C#

Console.WriteLine(RuntimeHelpers.GetObjectValue(Operators.CompareObjectEqual(boxA, boxB, false)));

C# code looks like this in VB

Console.WriteLine((boxA Is boxB))
As you can see, C# assumes that you want == to mean reference equality when dealing with variables of type Object. Meanwhile, VB is using helper functions because it doesn’t automatically trust the Object.Equals(Object) method to be correct.

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