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March 29, 2010

Security, Superstitions, and Stackoverflow

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Today I needed to translate a Stackoverflow post. Most translators including Google and Bing use frames, which Stackoverflow doesn’t like. So I write to them to inform them of the problem.

This was their response:


That’s present to present malicious framing, see:




The first link has this conclusion,

Yes, Digg frames ethically, so your frame-busting of the DiggBar will appear to work. But if the framing site is evil, good luck. When faced with a determined, skilled adversary that wants to frame your contnet, all bets are off. I don’t think it’s possible to escape. So consider this a wakeup call: you should build clickjacking countermeasures as if your website could be framed at any time.

The second link includes step-by-step instructions to counter “frame-busting” code.

So basically their stance is that frame-busting code is worthless, but they are going to use it anyways. Am I missing something or have they completely lost their mind?


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